#80 Race Tracks on a Tabletp

2-Lane Silverstone 1948-1949 Circuit for Scalextric Sport, Classic, SCX, Ninco or Carrera (with optional lane-changing) on a 5 x 9-foot ping-pong tabletop Read More


#80 HO Race Track Plans

4-Lane Silverstone 1948-1949 Circuit in 4 x 8-Feet Read More


#80 Digital Racing

Carrera Digital 132 Wireless+ Control Read More


#80 Home Racing

Race Management with an App, Scalextric ARC One Read More


#80 Your Track

SlotMods 6 x 12-foot Two-Lane Standard Raceway Read More


#80 Tech Tips

Test ‘N Tune Tips For Magnet-Free cars Read More


Real Race Car Sound!

Listen to real race car sound from the Flyslot 1/32 scale Porsche on the Laguna Seca track. 

The slickest magazine in model car racing

This is the FREE 14 page sample of the slickest magazine in model car racing. There are also two choices to browse through the contents of the full 60 pages of the "paper" and internet versions of Model Car Racing (modified to allow faster downloads) for examples of what you will see on the 60 page versions of the magazine. To order hit subscribe.



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